Shumrick & Leys Vodka

Classified Vodka - Private reserve vodka may just be the world's best kept secret. Every batch is distilled, not once, but 6 times for optimal quality. Serve it on the rocks, in a martini, or with your favorite mixer. Cheers.


Blackberry Vodka - All-natural blackberries infused in our Classified Vodka. Our Blackberry Vodka will add just a touch of sweetness to compliment your drink of choice.


Horseradish Vodka - All-natural horseradish in our Classified Vodka. Enjoy a Bloody Mary from time-to-time? Our Horseradish Vodka has the perfect level of spice to kick-up your morning drink.


Product Details

Shumrick & Leys
LocationCincinnati, OH