Buzz Ballz

Ready to drink mixed drinks!

Awesome mixed drinks made from 100% Juices, and Vodka, Rum, or Tequila!

Great value / great taste!

15%-20% ALC by volume with suggested retail of $2.99/Ball
Less sugar than other major brands
Made using 100% Juice & Natural Ingredients

Plastic Container!

Safe plastic container perfect for the Beach, Camping, Pool, Tailgating, Picnics, Jacuzzi


All of our products are Kosher Certified!


Freeze them and they don’t explode or distort – they have enough liquor to just turn slushy! Ready to drink when you are.


They float in the cooler, and down the river in our convenient ball sack!


Container is 100% recyclable!

Product Details


Available Packaging

Strawberry Rum 24-200ml
Lotta Colada 24-200ml
Sinners Apple 24-200ml