Uncle Val's Restorative Gin

Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin exhibits a crisp,
floral taste profile that harkens back to the
classic American gin. Awakening your olfactory
senses with its refreshingly bright taste and
pleasing bouquet, the gin lives up to the name
Restorative. This gin is great on its own –
as Uncle Valerio would’ve undoubtedly
preferred – but it’s also well suited to
cocktails, adding a complex yet sublime
blend of flavors to your recipe.


juniper: the quintessential gin ingredient, juniper
adds a dash of that distinctive “gin” taste to Uncle Val’s.

coriander: ends a delicious and assertive taste,
which contrasts nicely with the cucumber and rose.

cucumber: adds a cooling effect to the taste, along
with subtle freshness cues.

rose petals: originally grown for teas, the large petals
of the Grandiflora provide a soothing aroma and
calming taste.

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3 Badge Mixology
LocationSonoma, California

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Uncle Val's Restorative Gin 750ml