Sparkling Ice

 A great alternative to soft drinks, Sparkling ICE combines naturally flavored sparkling mountain spring water, vitamins, antioxidants and natural fruit juices to offer a bold, lightly carbonated beverage that appeals to all age groups.

Product Details

TalkingRain Beverage Co
LocationPreston, WA

Available Packaging

Orange Mango 3-8 pack 8oz cans
Orange 12-17oz. bottles
Black Raspberry 3-8 pack 8oz cans
Black Raspberry 12-17oz. bottles
Apple 12-17oz. bottles
Pink Grapefruit 12-17oz. bottles
Peach 12-17oz. bottles
Kiwi Strawberry 3-8 pack 8oz cans
Kiwi Strawberry 12-17oz.bottles
Pomegranate Blueberry 12-17oz.bottles
Coconut Pineapple 12-17oz.bottles
Lemon Lime 12-17oz.bottles
Cherry Lime 3-8 pack 8oz cans
Cherry Lime 12-17oz. bottles
Strawberry Watermelon 12-17oz. bottles