Taste of Florida

Taste of Florida real juice mixers don’t mess around when it comes to premium enjoyment. By combining real fruit and real fruit juices, we make fun drinks taste even better. From Margaritas and Bloody Marys to Triple Sec and Blue Curacao, we have a drink mix that will turn a good time into a great time.

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Available Packaging

Pina Colada 32oz
Strawberry Daiquiri 32oz
Mango Daiquiri 32oz
Raspberry Daiquiri 32oz
Margarita 32oz
Sour Mix 32oz
Grenadine 32oz
Lime Mix 32oz
Triple Sec 32oz
Blue Curacao 32oz
Bloody Mary 32oz
Spicy Mary 32oz
Pomegranate 750ml
Peach 750ml