Chas Seligman Distributing Co. Celebrates 80 Years!

Founded in 1933 shortly after prohibition ended, Chas Seligman Distributing Co. has remained committed to its Kentucky roots. While quite a bit has changed in that time one thing has remained the same, the commitment to its mission of “Quality People, Selling Quality Products.”

From the humble beginnings in 1933 on 11th and Madison in Covington, Kentucky, Chas Seligman began bottling Burger Beer. Fast forward to today with the high-tech distribution center and sprawling headquarters in Walton, Kentucky; each generation of family-owned leadership has left its unique mark on the business. The most notable have included growth of the Chas Seligman Distribution brand through geographic expansion, facilities innovation and expansion, and beverage portfolio growth.

The Chas Seligman team is privileged to have a rich heritage as an Anheuser-Busch distributor and is focused on building relationships with retail partners and providing the best products available. The Chas Seligman product portfolio has grown through Anheuser-Busch, acquisitions and partnerships, and the desire to distribute the finest beverages. The portfolio and now includes a wide selection of beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. Some of the most recent additions are:

  • 2006: Rolling Rock, Goose Island and Hansen's Lost, Rumba and Unbound energy.
  • 2007: Bass Ale, Becks, Boddington's, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Lowenbrau, Stella Artois, and Monster Energy.
  • 2009: Boyan Sodas, Taste of Florida mixers, Four flavored alcohol beverages, Dos Lunas tequillas and Chateau Diana Winery's Black Oak, Le Baron Ranch and 1221 wine brands.
  • 2010: Dry Fly Distillings vodka, gin and whiskey, NutLiquor peanut butter flavored vodka, Oak Ridge Winery's 3 Girls, Robert Reynolds and OZV.
  • 2011: Equus Run Kentucky wines, Kentucky's Pure Blue vodka, Eagle Eye Imports French wime portfolio - The Furst, Chateau du Pavillion, Chateau les Rogues, Domaine Berther-Rayne an Chateau des Karantes and Copa Di Vino wines, Geloso Beverage Group's Johnny Bootlegger, Hubert's Lemonades and Arizon Teas.
  • 2012: Cameron Hughes Wines, Woodchuck Hard Ciders, O'Fallon's Brewing Co., Indigo Wine Groups Robertson Wines, Barista and Natural Sweet Wines, Tsingtao, St. Pauli Girl, Kentucky wine - Black Barn. 

For more information on Chas Seligman Distributing Co.’s first 80 years, check out full history here.