Community Involvement

This community has given us a lot since 1933, it is only right for us to give back. Our work for various charities is an on-going project which each year grows resulting in much money raised.

When my father started this company, he had a vision, I am proud of the legacy it has grown into over the 70 plus years. This could only have been accomplished through a competent and able management staff and tremendous employees with a drive and passion to be number one. The ownership of this company has provided very adequately for its employees and their families and in return, our employees have made this business a showcase for the industry.

Those individuals that have been loyal to our company for some time have seen and realize the dramatic changes to the way we do business. Change is always a difficult thing and part of the growing process. No matter what the future holds I am confident with the quality team that we have assembled, we will be a survivor.

I see us growing our market share, volume and territory, as Kentucky’s landscape changes too. These hopes can only be accomplished through hard work, dedication and commitment from all members of the team.

To quote August A. Busch III…..
“A few simple principles that lead to success…Do your homework. Be disciplined. Keep things simple. Communicate. Focus on Quality. Be creative. Use common sense. Be tenacious. Maintain an unwavering commitment to Truth, Candor and Objectivity. Finally, avoid Arrogance, Stay Humble, but Aggressive”